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The photo in the top left hand corner here
is of the rugged Tasmanian coastline
looking south towards Cape Huay. 


We have a variety of visitors to our garden.
The little kookaburra above was very happy to sit close by while I took photographs of him.    It was a dull day hence the background is whitish.    It is the best of a dozen or so I took.
Below is a photograph of an albino possum.   It is not my photo, although I did get out ( many many times in the wee small hours - they are nocturnal creatures ) to try and get a good photo of him/her.   My only two results were awful.   Anyway, I hope to have a proper photograph of this visitor to our home at a later date.   Our neighbour has a superb photograph of this rare creature.
Only 1 in approx. 100,000 brush tail possums is born albino. 
We are blessed to have such a lovely animal in our midst.    



Click on photo to view full size

This is a large Mountain Ash tree with climbing ivy wrapped around it.   Ivy has a reputation for strangling smaller trees, but I doubt it would have a chance at that with this big 'un.  Taken in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne.   [photo by Anne B]   


The Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne.
A National Trust structure it was built in
the late 1800's.


The Shrine of Remembrance in parkland off
St. Kilda Road, Melbourne.
A most important and revered site on Anzac and
Remembrance Day for all Victorians.


Melbourne's Harbour on Port Phillip Bay.
Marina's are scattered around the Bay foreshores.


One of Melbourne's famous trams
passing a rather worn out looking
Luna "Just for Fun" Park.  
Luna Park has been around for as long
as I can remember and before that -
and that's one heck of a long time !!!
It is about to get a complete overhaul
and become all nice and new again.


Melbourne on the Yarra River - at Sunset.

Thank you so much Lindsay, for the use of
your photographs.   Much appreciated.

Originally my poem " AUSTRALIA" was here, but I have
moved it to "My Poems" where it will reside forever (or for
as long as I run this website !).   New poems will be published
from time to time on this page but "Australia" will
remain somewhere near the top of the page.
For those who have never read this poem -
click on this little fella below and he will
take you straight there. 




Click on image for a better view - worth it.

This is Gordie.   A young koala whose mother had been hit by a car, but saved along with her youngster.   A friend of ours, Lindsay in New South Wales, takes in wounded and lost animals to care for them before releasing them back to the wild.  Lindsay lives on a farm, and has some wonderful animals, birds - not only her own but the 'guests' she takes so much gentle care of.   Gordie had to be rehoused inside while his mother recovered - she was getting distressed at not being able to feed him.    He's a gorgeous little character isn't he.  


Click on image for a better view - again - worth a look

Another of Lindsay's young 'guests'.   They are housed in beautiful conditions, and I wonder that they would ever want to leave at all.   But nature calls, and they do leave - to go find a mate when they are fully grown. 





This painting is of River Gums along the Murray River which divides the States of Victoria and New South Wales. It was painted in 1997

 (c) Anne Byam


Philip Island is a part of Victoria and is where the fairy penguins can be viewed coming ashore at dusk.  
(c)  Anne Byam


Photograph of Melbourne City and surrounds, looking
North.   The lake in the foreground is Albert Park Lake
around which the Australian Grand Prix is run every March.
To the right of that is a 9 hole golf course.  
Aerial photography by "Skyfast"

Click on photo for an extra good look - it's big.

A panoramic view of the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne
taken from a high point in Upwey where we live.

Click on photo to view original size

The above photograph was 'borrowed' from
a copy of the Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper.
It's a marvellous achievement of engineering
and power.  
The background in this photo shows part of the Blue Mountains
west of Sydney. 

Melbourne Skyline



Sulphur crested Cockatoos
having a feast of sunflower
seeds which they love.
They also love tearing up
wooden structures - patio
railings, window sills,
just anything that takes
their fancy .... I think it
is all fun to them - no fun
to the owners of wrecked

Brush Tailed Possum

Night visitors on the Patio.
These beautiful furry creatures
visit every night - can be very
rowdy at times, and make a
fearful noise when they decide
to hold a dance on our roof. !
Click on tri-photo above to view
actual size in new browser window.


Polly want a cracker ?
Neil obliges.  
Cockatoos have extremely
strong beaks, and when
hand feeding them, you have
to be rather careful.   A nip
would not be fun - at all.

Click on image for a better view