The Art Gallery

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This page holds some of my art.   Two paintings shall remain where they are , which is on the page  "Australia - My Home", but I have added those here too.



The paintings, are shown in reduced sizes.   Photo’s were taken of them many years back, and were of a very large size – too large for uploading onto my  site.  


All paintings scanned or photographed are my original works.   When paintings were sold or given away as gifts, I always made sure I had a photograph of them first.



Some of the paintings on this page, have been changed in colour, brightness etc.  since taking them down and re-organising the page.  For some reason they became lighter – or appeared to be much lighter to me (probably my monitor) … but they needed to be redone, one way or another and a new page made.    A  few paintings that had been originally here,  have been deleted.      I have chosen only the one’s I prefer, to show again. 









In the table below - on either side of the central paintings, are
some much smaller images.     Click on these to obtain the correct sized view of them - they will open in a new browser window.   



















A little story about the my horse painting:
Many years back, a horse named Saboli, raced around the metropolitan tracks in Melbourne.   He was a real rogue - extremely hard to handle and had a vile reputation.   Many jokes were made about strappers and their problems with him.   He was trained ( I think he was a one man horse ! ), on a farm - rounding up cattle, jumping logs, and generally doing it the hard way up and down rocky slopes.   I followed him from his first race to his last - and I won a fair bit of money on him as he was most often friendless in the market.   Came the great day when he was entered in the Melbourne Cup - having previously won the Moonee Valley Cup, much to everyone's astonishment.  (won a lot on him that day), and people laughed - he was by this time called " Old Saboli" as he'd been around for such a long time.   No he didn't win - but for an old codger he did extremely well, coming 6th.   He was retired to his farm and his much loved owner/trainer after that, much to the relief of his handlers.   I was so smitten by this horse, I attempted to paint him and this is the result.  I think I got the blaze on his face correct - but that's probably about all  !!!   .....  Annie.