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Felix has done it again !    Just recently he discovered an empty Kleenex box on the kitchen bench.   Had to have a look-see inside it, so stuck his head in the small slit opening,  and, because the tight plastic wrap was still entact - couldn't get his head out again.    Once again I didn't have my camera handy, and once again I moved at the speed of light !    It all seemed in slow motion though.    There he was - on the bench, waving his box head back and forth slowly, head right up, and inching with each wave, backwards ------ towards the edge of the bench.   He didn't panic - oh no !  But I did.   Was more concerned at him falling without any sense of direction, than anything else.   I wonder what he'll get up to next ?    Bound to be another story sooner or later.   It was a very funny sight.

UPDATE  on this subject ....  another old school friend has found me and we have corresponded quite regularly  since.   Judy who lived in the street behind us, and who I went to Primary and then High school with.    A lovely lady - she too now lives interstate
and has children and grandchildren.
I was delighted to be able to tell our mutual friend Annette, that we had finally caught up again after all these umpteen years.
Some time ago, I joined the "Find Schoolfriends" site for Australia - it is worldwide I believe.   Every now and then I receive an update on new people who have joined from  the two schools I attended, Coburg West Primary School and Coburg High School.   Happened to check from the latest email and to my  delight found a message waiting for me on the site.  It was from a lass who recognised my name - she had actually gone to the Primary School with my sister Maree.   Deanne wrote me a lovely note - and we have corresponded since.   I have passed all the correspondence on to my sister who doesn't belong to the Schoolfriends site, and they will be in touch.    What a wonderful surprise, from so many years back - and how small the world really is.      



Gussie was notorious for his oft times naughty behaviour.  Unfortunately, he passed over to be with his other departed cat friends four years ago.  However, when he was with us, he was ALWAYS  in trouble!

Hubby - Neil - was cleaning out the fireplace one evening, squatting down with handbrush and shovel and balancing precariously on his heels.   Gussie decided to climb onto the mantelpiece above him.  I was watching TV at the time, but a movement caught my eye, and I looked over just in time to see Gus, who looked straight at me (and I swear he smiled!), put his paw behind a medium sized vase of flowers, and begin to shift it towards the edge. That feat in itself should have brought applause. I was frozen to my seat for a second or two, and when my legs did move it was too late. Just as Neil emerged from the interior of the fireplace, Gus gave a final  shove.  Down came the vase, breaking over Neil's head and showering water and flowers all over a very startled, and not very amused man.   I thought it was hysterical myself - he did not.     BUT, Gussie obviously did. If a cat can look proud of himself, he did that evening. Here's to our Gussie and to his memory.
Below is Gussie's unsuspecting target - Neil.



 This was one of Gussie's
        ' best looks'
 Cheeky and Challenging   


Gussie up to no good - caught
             outside at night. 
* * Note -
Cats are now not permitted
outdoors in Victoria and other
States, between the hours of
6 p.m. and 6 a.m. - this is to
protect wildlife.  
Hefty fines can result if an
owner is caught breaking the law.

Felix - (the little black terror) - as most cats do, loves warmth.  He particularly enjoys the warmth of the VCR.   Nothing unusual about that.  
One evening, I had set the VCR to record a programme while I watched another.   Felix, bright eyed and bushy tailed as usual, was sitting on top of the VCR when he heard the sound of the VCR beginning to record.   Well - I mean ... a cat just has to investigate doesn't he.    And "curiosity (almost) killed the cat" ...   and me in the process.  !! 
Felix (the little darling) put his paw inside the flap where the tape goes ....... and got it stuck.   Try as he might he could not remove his paw from the slot - a claw had caught on one of the plates just inside.   The VCR plodded on recording, Felix decided it might be a good idea trying a jump down to the floor  - and I moved at the speed of light.  
I seriously didn't think my arms could stretch as far as they did ... to hold onto Felix AND switch off the entire works at the outlet.   The VCR was teetering on the brink of the unit top shelf it was on.  Felix was teetering with it.   I just wish I could recall every move made that night ... but I can't.   But I think a couple of miracles occurred.  
I opened the VCR flap and somehow got him to withdraw his claws - and so release himself.   My programmes were ruined and I was a shaking mess.   Felix ?      He simply glided to the floor in a graceful jump and walked away.    
Every word is true ..... ANYONE WANNA CAT ?   

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Just look at that face !!! 
Felix never walks - anywhere !   He runs, flat out and often skids across bench tops, tables etc., scattering contents and shattering (usually) my more precious objects into a hundred pieces.   Perhaps he is clumsy ?   A clumsy cat ? - doesn't sound right does it.    Oh yes it does - for Felix. 
He is ALWAYS in some kind of strife.
His best trick (one of many), was to find the kitchen bin 'accessible' one evening.   We have the small rubbish bin tied up (would you believe) so's he can't tip it over, and it has a heavy based oven cooker placed on top of it.   But this night was all his Birthdays come at once.   He opened the lid and climbed in, fully - and the lid shut on top of him.  
We didn't know he was  there until we heard one helluva racket coming from inside the rubbish bin.   It was Felix ---- with his head stuck in an empty dog food can.  And I mean stuck.   We picked him out, desperate to get the can off his head so's he wouldn't suffocate.   It came off, fortunately in a fairly short time.     Felix's  face was covered in the remains of dog food, and he was rather wild eyed by this stage.   I did NOT have my camera handy !!   
Laughing about it later, we decided had there been difficulty in getting the can off, I'd have had to use a can opener on the base end of it so he could breathe, and then whiz him down to the Animal Emergency Centre to have it removed - a costly procedure.    That's just ONE story.