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I trust you enjoy your visit
to my pages and I hope you find
something here that pleases, helps,
 inspires and also gives you
a laugh or two.
Have fun folks 
~  ANNE  ~





I sincerely hope the mystery disappearance of my
most recent Guestbook which was onto it's
26th page, and was above here between the images,
 is a temporary thing.  
Meantime, I have created a new Guestbook - I do hope 
I get all your lovely messages back - and very soon.
In the meantime,
please leave messages on the "Sign" link below.


I  love to meet visitors to my pages
so please sign using the above
Guestbook link.    I have now activated
an automatic response to your signings,
so you won't have to wait (a week, a month  !!)
for an acknowledgement and a thank you.
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Updated - January 12th, 2012
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Thank you Pam for sending this award
and to Sharon for making it available.
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and comprehensive site.



Thank you Ginny for this lovely award.
I highly recommend you pay a visit to Ginny's site.
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    Thank you Debbie

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Thank you so much Alice - much appreciated.
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The second page here "Links to Extra Pages" etc. will change from time 
to time but will retain links to older pages on this site.  They are 'hidden' so that the Navigation Bar is not so cluttered.
Links to "The Poetry Book" can be found on 'My Poems'
and "Guest Poets".
I have used and will be using occasionally several
small animated and still graphics which are not my own;
they were obtained from free graphics sites.
Where possible I will acknowledge their source.
If anyone sees any graphic on these pages that
are not for free use on a website I would
appreciate you letting me know and
I shall remove it immediately.