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Favourite Links

Click on the little dog below to take you
to a YouTube very much worth viewing.
Titled "The Dog, The Cat & The Rat" it
has had over 2 million views -
a really worthwhile experience with
a great question at the end.


Below here is one of the most beautiful
renditions of "O Holy Night" I have
ever heard.   Please click on the play button
in the centre and
enjoy this beautiful piece by the
group 'Celtic Woman' from Ireland

Little Dove

Click on the link above which will  take you to the site for "Little Dove", a premature miniature foal, who was the size of a house cat at just a few days old.    Have a look at the pink booties she wears !
I am sure your children/grandchildren would love a look at this little darling.   Scroll down for the story.    It's a very interesting page.


The above link is American Native Indian in style and design, and has beautiful haunting music to go with the wisdoms written there.   They give plenty of food for thought.   Please visit - it's worth it.  

Previously I had some photo's of woodburning done by my friend Mae.
These are now on the Previous Goodies page.   Mae is an avid fan of Sue Walters - a pyrographer of world renown and who has won many championships and awards for her work.   She has had a book published in the States  now which has been a great success, and Sue hopes to have it on our own shelves in Australia very soon.    I deem it a privilege to call her my friend.  Sue lives just 2 minutes away by car in Upwey.    The link to her website which is more than worth visiting, is below.    Her work is absolutely awe  inspiring., and she concentrates 
     a lot on Australian flora and fauna. 




A favourite link of mine is Jigzone.
If you are a Jigsaw addict - this is
the only place to go.


Two banners have already been used on my site
from Heleca's Graphics, and more will be
seen in the future.   Heleca makes the
most wonderful graphics - all free for use
by anyone.     To visit Heleca's site,
click on the image below.


If you love reading verse, I have two links below here to sites where you can purchase new books of poetry.   One is by a good friend of mine - Ginny Bryant - her Journey of Love is now published.  
The other is a book of poetry put together by Judy of Judy's Realm, for the late Norma Marek.   Sadly Norma passed away before she could hold her precious work in her hands.  But Judy has done a wonderful job in putting it all together.     Please click on the images below if you wish to access the sites for more information.



Below is Pam Gallo's  Bio page, but all her other great pages can be accessed from here. Pam has several sites, and they are all listed on this Biography page.