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Previous Goodies - The Cats !

All of the images on this page will be in thumbnail size.  Click on the images to open in a new browser.



 Gussie was a poser - loved the camera.
He would strike a pose and remain there
until I had taken the photo.   He would
then move back to his normal sleeping position !
Or if he was sitting, would then simply "move on"
but not until after that photo had been taken.
I have literally dozens of photo's of him
.... he was such a good subject. 



A 'staged' photograph - one of dozens I took by
aiming the camera (ever hopeful my aim was good)
and throwing a handful of fallen leaves in the air.
Gussie would always jump to catch them - he loved
this game - it was just a matter of clicking at
the right moment.  Took a lot of practice and rolls
of film to get just a few really good photo's of him
doing his thing with the leaves.


> *.* <
Have camera - will snap.
I frantically scrambled for the
camera to get this one.
Timmy seemed so very
interested in what was under that hat.
Never did find out what it was.
Was too busy laughing to think about
investigating !
> *.* <



Gus again ...
This was taken on a very dull day with a
Fuji DL-80 35 mm camera.  Gus was
sitting at the time beneath a small tree
peering out.    I was never sure why the
detail of the leaves did not show, however,
the photo itself is quite dramatic -
a one off lucky shot I think.
When the photo scanned it was  quite dark,
so I have lightened it a little to exactly what
it  looks like in the photo, and put a blended frame 
around it in Photo Studio 5 in my computer. 


Cat Olympics in the back garden !
Oscar leap frogging a surprised Timmy.  
(this is the original photograph - no touch ups,
no cut and pastes, just another lucky
capture on camera.  - I have however cropped
the photo to make it a bit smaller)


Our sweet Murphy.
Here she is with her little charge
Oscar.  (our Oscar)  Every night Oscar
would  wait until Murphy
laid down for a rest - then he'd
start - washing her face, eyes
and ears.    Did this for 10 minutes
or more.   It was precious to watch.
> *.* <

Find the Magpie.

Who's move is it !

All asleep !!

Thought long and hard before putting this here.  
Then a family member (who shall remain nameless)
'dared' me to do it. So I have !
Note the monster fake ocelot slippers, the position
of Lachlan, and  the cats (Monty and Timmy)
warmly snug on dog's belly.   Lachlan's legs are
stretched straight out.   What a sight.
I guess the photo might be called 'Relaxation' ?
It is truly lovely to see photos like this and remember
all the good  and fun times with our pets.

Hungry ?

What you see is what you get here !
Dog gnawing on cat's head ?
Not really -
Retrievers 'carry' things in their
mouths and love 'mouthing'
objects of any kind - including
Timmy never minded - he seemed
to find whatever was down
there quite fascinating.

Monty in the dog's bowl!

Monty , when a youngster, decided that a great place
to have a little pee, was the dogs' water bowl.  
I of course grabbed the camera.   
Monty and Timmy had their own 
'quarters' in our home, with  a litter tray
AND a tray of water to use, if they wished.   
And they did use it - frequently.     Rather unusual ?