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~ In Memorium ~


My mother, Winifred Davina Wilmot, passed away peacefully on February 18th 2010.   She was 101 years of age plus 1 day .... her birthday was February 17th.  


Mum achieved much in her life, including singing (she had a contralto voice) and she was featured on the Australian Broadcasting Commissions' weekend radio broadcasts of arias performed by different vocalists.  She graduated from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, to become a teacher of elocution, piano and voice.    Mum exuded a great charm, all the while being quite a feisty lady with a quick wit to match.   She could have her listeners in stitches at times - and was a great story teller.   Mum devoted her young life to raising my sister and me, with Dad, and while at times she was a strict disciplinarian (which didn't hurt us one bit), she always tempered that with understanding and kindness. 

Mum is sadly missed, although no-one could wish her back to suffer as she did in her last days.   It was a true blessing that she passed away peacefully, at the Nursing Home "Broughton Hall" in Camberwell, Victoria.

Every palliative comfort was given to Mum and I would like to record my heartfelt thanks to the Nursing Home staff involved towards the end of her life.   It is late I know to be publicly showing my appreciation to them, but it's sincere.     

Peace, Perfect Peace.


**  MOTHER **
Memory is a word,
that has so many meanings,
"Memorium" another, with an emphasis on sad
Add "Mother" to these words
and a different thought emerges
Nay - many thoughts force forward
Bringing memories that we had.
"Mother" - more than just a word
Has a strong and special thrust
Giving birth and giving life
Raising children - handling strife
But most of all means 'trust'.
Our mother Win Davina
had such unique and special ways
of handling life's great ups and downs
facing problems with rare a frown
and banishing all affrays.
She looked toward the future
with a simple faith in God
Believing as she said her prayers
that somehow, and no doubt somewhere
things would not remain at odds.
Mum - you'll ever be here
in our hearts and minds and soul
We'll remember your advice again
and refuse to give in to pain
that strikes all, both young and old.
So Mum until we meet again
In Heaven's radiant embrace
May God surround you from this time
with painless peace and love sublime
Everlasting grace.
(c) Anne Byam


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On November 12th 2010, my Aunt Libby passed away at the age of 103 years at the Nursing home she was in, West of Melbourne.   Her passing was very peaceful and she enjoyed most aspects of her life almost to the end of her days.   
Rest in Peace  

A little about my Aunt Libby.
She was always a loving and happy person.    She was a superb cook.     Her abilities at the piano were legendary and in her younger days she played the organ for her  Church and the choir.
Aunt Libby devoted her time to helping others, and she had a superb sense of humour.   She will be sadly missed, especially by her daughters and grandchildren. 



Pope John Paul II
A remarkable man - he has passed through
Heaven's Gate to his great reward. 
Requiescat In Pace.  

For many long years, he guided and led
The world and her people
and now let it be said
He was much to many, his wisdom divine,
Whether Catholic or not, all could see sign
Of a man very great, yet humble himself,
Surrounding his subjects with spiritual wealth
He has been called Home
and we have now lost, 
The best of all leaders but let it not cost
The world it's hope, that he fervently gave
With his mild mannered goodness
A continual slave
for Hope, Love and Freedom he preached to the end.
God Bless you and Keep you our most Blessed  friend.
Anne Byam 2005