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Our Pets


I have had so many pets over the years - all
are still very much in my heart.
We now have just 1 cat remaining.   Felix.
Felix is now 15 years of age, but is still
in his 'kitten' stage.  He never grew mentally past about 2 !
 He is a most remarkable
cat, full of mischief and inquisitiveness. 
Plays endlessly with things he shouldn't touch
or be near - we have to remove valuables like
one would for a toddler - as he is sure to send
something or other crashing to the floor.
He loves most of all to run through the house
at top speed, screeching to a halt just before
a wall or piece of furniture.   Opens cupboard doors,
easy slide drawers, scatters stacks of books
and other items on a table or bench,  
looking for goodness only knows what. 
He tries to grab pieces of whatever takes his
fancy off our plates, so he is put back into his
room while we are eating. 
For all his mischief, he is a most adorable cat
and very loving.   Talks non-stop and dribbles with
delight when patted and stroked.   We love him to bits. 
And here he is :


Touching and in many ways sad as this is, I none-the-less could not resist putting this photograph here.   This was taken, just two days before Monty was put quietly to sleep.
Monty looks happy ... and is resting quietly with his best mate caring for him ... his 'arm' around him protectively.
Well - that's how I see it anyway.    What do you think ?
I am very glad I had my camera nearby when I saw this beautiful caring gesture by Felix.  He wasn't playing either (for once) - he remained in that position with Monty for approx. a half hour more.  
Animals really can be quite remarkable.  





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