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Friends of Friends

Most of these photos are actual size.
Two are not and a note is under them to
view in a new browser window.




A new image of Sandy D's Kona.
Apparently it is difficult to get a good photo
of Kona - a beautiful Keeshond as
he tends to go spare when he sees the
camera.   But Sandy has been taking
great photographs for ages, and managed
to fool him for this one. !!
Thank you Sandy.


Brandy - begging.   She taught herself
this little trick - and it's particularly
hard to ignore !!    Brandy shown here
with Lachlan, is one of his sisters.
She visits us often and is owned by
the Sawyers family of Melbourne.
(since publishing this photograph, as you
all know by now - we lost our precious
Lachlan in June 2007.) 
VALE Lachlan.


Bonny and Banjo (on the left). 
Both are pure bred Golden Retrievers.  
Bonny is Lachlan's sister, and these
beautiful dogs lived with my friend
Lindsay in New South Wales.  

Since I first published this photograph, it is sad
to report that Banjo crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2010.
He lived a long and healthy life in Narrandera, New South Wales with his loving owner Lindsay and his beautiful friend Bonny.   Late in 2011 Bonny also left to join her best friend Banjo in what it is nice to think would
be a "Doggy Paradise".   They deserve a special place in God's Garden. 
Both Banjo and Bonny took great care of the abandoned or
injured 'joeys' that their owner, Lindsay, took into care to
help heal and make well, before releasing them back into
the wild and/or family structures.   They were taught, and learned
very well, how to protect and keep vigil over the varied
species that came into care.    Two wonderful dogs. 
VALE Banjo and (now) Bonny.  

Click on image to view true size of photo

Sam, Millie & Emma - formerly known
as 'Miniature Foxies" they are about
to be officially regognised by the AKA
as Tenterfield Terriers.  
Owned by Yvonne & Bob A.
 of Sydney.   Sam survived snake bite
in November 2003 - a miracle really, 
and testimony to their Veterinarian
and Yvonne & Bob's
unfailing tender care.
Since first publishing this photograph,
Emma and Millie are no longer with their beloved family.
They had to be put to sleep because of serious problems with their health, and no amount of veterinary or owner care would have helped. 
Vale EMMA and MILLIE.   

Click on image to view true size photo

Kona - a beautiful cuddly Keeshond
owned by Sandy D
of upper New York State.  He is
shown here with his favourite toy -
an old pair of socks.
Kona with his triple coat absolutely
LOVES the snow - unlike his owner,
who is not too complimentary about the
'white stuff'.  


Angus, who you have met before,
is all grown up now.   He has a new
playmate - Stella.  Pure bred Pugs.   They are
priceless to watch and have two speeds
- flat out running, and full stop.  
Owned by Brad
and Tanita Dyer of Melbourne.  


Meet little 'Missy'.   She is a Maltese
Terrier and belongs to my friend Mae
who lives in North Carolina.  
Isn't she just the cutest little dog ? 

Click on image for larger view

Bailey is a pure bred English
Cocker Spaniel owned by
Brad's parents, Daryl & Lorraine.
He has a lovely nature, and
was the only black puppy from
a litter of 7 - the rest were
all Golden Cocker Spaniels. 

Click on image for larger view

Meet Lilly - a pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
She belongs to Daryl & Lorraine, who own Bailey.