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Some photo's of my wonderful family. 
Introducing my daughter Louise,
and my sons, Jeffrey & Craig.

Louise Cecilia   -
            Jeffrey Brian  -
                        Craig John  -


Louise's birthday is April 7th
and the year she was born
was an eye opener for Mum. 
New baby - new Mum.
More than a few learning curves
there, but very happy ones,


Jeffrey, born December 1st, is
married to Pota, and has two
beautiful daughters - Astrid &
Cynthia who you will meet
Second baby, second time
around Mum - and far more
relaxed about  it all.


Craig, born February 20th
is the youngest.  He has a
wonderful son Eric,  who is
also below here with his


As littlies ... Louise is holding
her baby brother Craig
and Jeffrey is strangling the cat.


My Grandson Eric - now aged 10.
Seems only yesterday he was a baby.





Astrid, Cynthia and Eric - photo's in 2008
Boy they grow up fast, don't they ?
UPDATE -  Eric will be turning 16 on January 13th 2012.
He will get his Learners Permit for driving a car at that time.
Much excitement about that ... he has a car to drive that his
Dad ( my son Craig ) bought for him.    Going to a different school
now, he is handling his studies much better - which is great.
Astrid is 14 years old  - 15 next November.   Doing extremely well at school.   Cynthia is 13 in April.   She excels at dance and theatre, and does well at school also.   They are wonderful grand-children and I love them dearly.  


My school days were not spectacular - although I always did very well in English.   I guess that's why I love to  write - poetry, short stories, and I would very much like to write a novel.   Art is another interest - and I am presently  doing computer graphics and photography as art forms.   I have done many oil paintings in the past, mostly landscapes, but have not picked up a brush for some time.   I have lived all my life in Victoria, Australia, in various suburbs around it's capital, Melbourne, and now live in a rural bush area of the Dandenong Ranges, east of that great city.   I have travelled all over the eastern States of Australia, and to the United States some years back.  All wonderful experiences.
I believe in the words "Live and Let Live".   I also believe in a Higher Power for us all - however we  perceive Him to be.   I am a fairly private person when it comes to religion.
I don't have a job.   Not any more.   Didn't get sacked - nothing like that.  I retired some years back now and enjoy my life on the computer - and believe me that's what it can become ... a real way of life.  
But I don't let it interfere with my daily routines  - ?   NOT MUCH.   The jobs I love most around the house are cooking, looking after my little four legged beauties, and gardening.
So - maybe I do have a job - and I love it.  


Share some of my interests? 
Please get in touch!


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