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Previous Goodies - Various - 2007 to 2011

First, I have to tell you I came across quite by
accident, how very useful normal off the shelf hair shampoo
can be for all kinds of cleaning.
Had a nasty stain in the carpet, and not having
any carpet cleaner, decided to try some Pear's Shampoo
on it (not expecting anything miraculous).
I was wrong - it was a miracle.   Removed the entire
stain with no after mark, and was so easy to mop up.
(Seems any brand of hair shampoo will do the
same thing - I have tried several on various cleaning
jobs that had to be done).
Next I tried it on the stove .... (yes I did).
It worked like a charm.   Just spread a little on the
stains, left it there for a half hour, and then
wiped it off with a cloth.   The more stubborn
stains I removed very easily with a used (softened)
scouring pad.    I now have a bottle of shampoo
in the kitchen for all kinds of cleaning.   It is truly
marvelous, but leaves me wondering what
shampoo really does to a person's hair !!!
Try it - you'll be impressed.


Here's a most uplifting and beautiful photograph.  I don't know the breed of the dove here, but I don't think that matters ?   How wonderful nature can be.    Click on the photograph for a better view.



Cockies Attack !

Having lived here for 27 years, we have heard a few stories of cockatoos tearing up patios, garden furniture, window sills and anything else they can get their beaks into.   We never had that problem - until recntly !!
And talk about sneaky.   Cockies are usually rowdy customers, but they have been ultra-quiet while destroying some of our own patio barrier top, and some old (fortunately) garden furniture.     Here, they have never before been so voracious in their appetite for personal property, nor as destructive as they are being now.
I personally attribute most unusual things these days to the weather, and wonder if that is causing this carnage.   Speaking of weather, it is the cockatoos and currawongs that always tell us of impending rain.   The cockies seem to drop that public service in favour of rebellion on occasions.   !!  
The Shire has been helped by people from the Department of Agriculture, ornothologists, and flora & fauna experts, and some measures are being taken, but exactly what I am not sure at this time.    Cockatoos are a protected species in this country, so we can't do anything that is unlawful or horrid.   We can go out and shoo them away if we catch them being naughty, but have to be careful doing that, as their flock mood can never be known, and no one would want a bite from one - that's for sure.    
It's one thing for them to strip bark from eucalypts looking for spiders to eat.   It's a different situation when they become so destructive that they can tear into solid painted timber structures and gouge great pieces out of them.  The strength of those beaks is unbelievable.  I took a photo of the damage they have done to the patio railings which you can see here below.   And now I hope that's the end of that story !

Click on photo for a closer look at the damage.

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A look at our Mahony Street being
clothed in Autumns colours.   


Went on a lovely trip to the Mornington Peninsula
recenty.   Stayed at Rye which is not far from
Portsea where these  two photographs were taken.
It was a beautifully sunny and pleasantly warm day. 
A lovely spot to take a walk and enjoy the sights.  

Looking across the water, watching a speed boat - note the wild growing flowers in the foreground.

Viewed back towards Rye, this tree framed photograph is of the main marina and beaches in Portsea.