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Animal Stories and Animal Video Treats



..... is a Golden Retriever.  One of the most lovable dogs one could ever wish to meet.   He has been well trained by his owners Brad & Heather A, who live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne,  Victoria. 
Indy is a frequent visitor to our home - and is always most welcome.  
He is only now just in his 3rd year.    A wonderful companion dog, he is very obedient and well mannered.  
But - he wasn't always that way.   Which is understandable.  When just growing out of puppy-hood - he had much to learn. 
Below are 3 photographs I was lucky enough to capture at the time of the (now well known) 'event' which took place in our lounge / dining room. 
***    It was priceless   *** 


"And just what do YOU fink you are doin' up there Mr. Felix ?"


" Ok - if YOU can do it, so can I.
I just gotta figure out how ?
Now let's see - four feet on a chair and then
two feet up and .... dis isn't easy."


" I'm up ... but there's nuffin here  Mr. Felix ?    I can't find any tucker or toys  and it's VERY high off the floor" ... "not sure I shoulda tried this trick "


"Umm - would someone tell me pleeze -  how do I get down offa this thing ?"



Footnote from the photographer !!
The first photograph has not been touched in any way, except to be cropped.   The 2nd and 3rd photographs had to have a few little
enhancements and additions here and there, but are essentially the original photographs.  
The seemingly different colourings / hues are due to the fact that I was trying to use different lighting that was available - while allowing this little performance to continue !   I took quite a few more  snaps at the time, also trying a couple of different camera settings, which was a rush job for obvious reasons.   These were the best of the lot.
All photographs have also been reduced in size from the originals.  


A couple of YouTube  video treats
for your enjoyment.

Well over 1 million viewers and over 3000 comments.   Unfortunately, (although you won't see them here) there was a grand argument started up between the extreme religious in community and the not-so-religious.   I can't personally see why that could happen or why it should happen.  (Some people leave some ridiculous comments on these videos and should be ashamed of themselves !).   
It is simply - a beautiful experience, and one I found extremely relaxing.   Thanks to the original photographer Jon Rawlinson - to be found at .

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One of the most beautiful videos I have
ever come across.   Delightful, joyous and
just maybe a lesson to us humans ? 
If two such different creatures can be so protective
and caring of one another - why can't we find this
in our human world, more than we do now ? 


If the video doesn't work, or
a message shows that the embedding of code 
has been removed,
click on the above photo to go to this feature
on the YouTube site.  

Here is a YouTube ... of a remarkable
little Jack Russell terrier - doing his housework !!
What this little chap can do is quite astonishing.
You won't be sorry if you click on the  link.
Unfortunately, I was unable to find a
code to embed this directly onto my site,
so you will have
to watch it by going to YouTube on the
above link.



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Click here if you want to have a look at any of the five videos I have posted on YouTube.

The birds you hear in the Garden videos
are wattle birds - so named for the
little 'wattle' that hangs just behind their eyes.  
They make a chuk-a-chuk sound.
Sometimes several, sometimes just one 'chuk'.
The magpies often warble when I ask them to and
are tame, and feed from my hand.
Often they just sing for the joy of it.   In the Magpie video
they were calling to their friends to come
and share in the food that was on offer.  After living with this small
family for years, one gets to know what certain
chatter sounds mean - e.g. if there is a foreigner in their
midst.   It's often the females that take
care of interlopers.