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Previous Goodies

This will contain  photo's, and a variety of bits and pieces that have been published here for a month or more.    I had to come up with some idea to make room for new work, while not losing the availability of what has already been put on my site.  
Most all of the images on this page will be smaller or even in thumbnail size.  Click on the images to open in a new browser.

Please click on image for a better view

Two of Yvonne Alderson's beautiful clock paintings 


Please click on image for a better view - it's more than worth it.

I have featured Yvonne Alderson's lovely
artwork on my site before.   Last year she went
on a trip to the U.S. and took with her
several wonderfully painted backgrounds which she
made into clocks, as gifts.
They are just beautiful


     Son Jeffrey, Daughter-in-Law Pota, Astrid & Cynthia 

Although Lachlan (Lockie) has now
sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge
I thought I would put these two photographs
here, as it shows Oscars devotion to
him and are such sweet photos. 


Although you can't see his little tongue
here, believe me Oscar is working overtime
cleaning Lachlan's face while he sleeps.
I rather think he thoroughly enjoys his wash.


After the washing is done - Oscar
settles down in one of his favourite spots
for a nap.   Lockie's back.  
Must be a nice warm spot.


Another of the mystery bulbs.   This is stunning,
and I have no idea what it is.
Someone might be able to email me at
if they think they know what it is. 
That would be most appreciated.


This photograph was taken more 39 years ago,  in the days when we had 35 mm cameras, and conducted slide shows.    Many moons later I had Kodak reproduce it in photograph form as it is an all time favourite of mine.   It was taken one morning very early, while on holiday in Penshurst, in the Western District of Victoria.    I was delighted to capture these two birds so 'at home' with one another.   I watched them for a long time before taking the photograph.    Happy little souls.


The above photo was taken in May 2004
with my trusty (and tiny) Digital Camera.  
Couldn't resist the Autumn sunset showing
just to the left of our home.     
So I clicked  - and was pleased enough with the result
to then frame it.


The below is NOT my photograph unfortunately.
Whether it is a composite, something done
with a programme, or an actual photograph I have
no idea.   It seems to be 'public' property
as it has been around the world a few times.
If anyone knows who did this, I will be only too
happy to acknowledge the original owner
of this great image.  

Click on image to view true size - it is worth it. !


This photograph was taken on a dullish day
and the sun was mostly behind the large grey
cloud in the centre.  
Taken with my digital camera - which of course
captures everything in colour,
it turned out black, white and grey and I
was quite taken with it, as I had
aimed the camera directly toward the sun. 

The Garden Gate

A photograph taken of our Back Garden Gate,
which actually opens at the side !!  
This photo was taken recently - and turned out
 far better than I could have hoped for.  


     A lap full of puppies  !!
     A whole heap of  fun. 


        A proud day for "Nan"
   Cynthia, 2 days old - and me.


Sandy  and   Big   Red.
I have had cats and dogs both, that were expert at opening up doors  and my one horse Big Red opened  the kitchen door one time when we were out and ate a whole bowl of stew that I had left on the counter to cool off. 
I used to ride him to town to go to the bank and one day the bank called me to tell me that he was down there by the drive in window and would not leave so I had to have a friend drive me there to get him and ride him home. See they used to give him candy and he was waiting for that but there was a new teller there that day who did not know that, ....  and you think you have crazy animals ??   Sandy


A painting by my friend Yvonne Alderson.  
She is a highly talented artist,
although she doesn't seem to think so.     
Boy, is she wrong. 
This is very much worth viewing
in a new window
to appreciate fully,
this beautiful artwork.

"Dunnart" A tiny Australian Marsupial Mouse - Click on painting to open in new browser window

Decided I'd add a little something here that not all of you might be overjoyed with (ha ha).   But it's a genuine photograph and was taken on one of those terribly hot days we had (114F - mentioned previously !) this last summer.  Found this little critter in my washing basket and thought he was dead from the heat too - but no he wasn't.    These Huntsman spiders are normally brown and beige in colour, with darker brown on their legs.   Look at the poor little blighter - all red from the heat.   I got him onto a stick and set him under a tree where it was much cooler.    He had disappeared some hours later - so he was ok.    

If you really WANT to - click on the image for a better look !